2010 PEN Translation Fund Grant Recipients

Posted on June 02, 2010 by

PEN has just announced its latest grant recipients, which you can read here.
There are a lot of intriguing titles that will hopefully find a publisher in English, including one involving the Thomas Hardy of Urdu Literature. The Center is pleased to note that Jeffrey Yang, who is the guest editor for poetry in our forthcoming Two Lines (pre-order your copy on Amazon), was one of the judges, as were previous Lit&Lunch guests Susan Bernofsky and Esther Allen.
This one sounds like the coolest of the bunch to me:

Diane Thiel for The Great Green, a 1987 novel by Eugenia Fakinou. Hugely popular in Greece (where it is now in its 43rd reprint), The Great Green portrays a woman escaping the constrictions of family and societal expectations. It interweaves the whole span of Greek history, from the Minoans and Homer's Achaeans to the late Byzantine and early 19th-century periods, into the story of a single day in our own time, when an unknown woman mysteriously appears in a Greek village.