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It’s the Two Lines Press 2018 Summer Sale!

Temperatures are increasing everywhere, you recently ate way too many grilled foods, and readers all across the country are dying for great summer reads. It must be time for our annual summer sale!

This year we’ve outdone ourselves with amazing discounts on everything you’ve come to love about Two Lines Press! We’re offering you prices as low as 75% off, delightful bundles to keep you reading all summer long, and incredible discounts on our flagship journal of translation so that it’ll be a snap to fill out your collection.

And for those of you who haven’t yet had the chance to get the Two Lines Press tote, big news! Spend $35 or more during our summer sale, and we’ll toss in one of our beautiful totes so you can carry all your books with you this summer while showing everyone that you support literature in translation!!

(Psst, subscribing to Two Lines Press is a great way to support us and clear the $35 threshold to get yourself a tote bag!)

Without further ado, let’s get started with the deals.


Select titles 75% off!

This is crazy, right? Get a brand new, hand-crafted, lovingly translated book of world literature for about what it costs to get one of those fancy cups of pour-over coffee. During our sale, get any one of the following at 75% off!

All My Friends
by Marie NDiaye (tr. Jordan Stump)
Fata Morgana Books
by Jonathan Littell (tr. Charlotte Mandell)
The Game for Real
by Richard Weiner (tr. Benjamin Paloff)
A Spare Life
by Lidija Dimkovska (tr. Christina Kramer)
Hi, This Is Conchita
by Santiago Roncaglio (tr. Edith Grossman)
by Emmanuelle Pagano (tr. Jennifer Higgins and Sophie Lewis)


Back Issues of Two Lines

You know the drill: get one of the leading print journals of world literature at incredibly low prices.
Browse to your heart’s content and get these great discounts:

Issues 28 – 24 — $5.00
Issues 23 and earlier — $2.00



And now, everybody’s favorite part of the Two Lines Press summer sale: our thoughtfully constructed bundles, at 50% off the cover price! This year, we’ve even added clever clip art to the mix to make it a little more fun. Enjoy!


The Mystery of Identity

Self-Portrait in Green
A Working Woman
Atlantic Hotel

When you stop to think about it, even the simplest and most straightforward of us is a profound mystery that will never be unraveled. So then just imagine how wildly fascinating would be the minds of the following: one of the greatest writers of our time; a paranoid woman who is trying to analyze her possibly insane roommate; and a man whose personality fluctuates like a weathervane. Watch as three masterful authors deconstruct three remarkably identities—and maybe learn something about who you are yourself.

Buy it now!


Cry So Hard

Lion Cross Point
The Boys

Have you ever had a really extraordinary massage that sits right at that balance point between pleasure and pain? Or maybe you watched a devastating episode of The Handmaid’s Tale that hurt you in all the right places? If the “hurts so good” is your literary métier, we definitely recommend this set, which will take you apart in the best possible way. These books of unforgettable people working through intense traumas in inspiring ways are both a comfort for when you’re going through things and a ringing reminder to live your best life.

Buy it now!


Noir with a Twist

My Heart Hemmed In
Quiet Creature on the Corner
Running Through Beijing

We all know that thrilling new translated literature is like a hypodermic injection of adrenaline into a nation’s calm literary heart, and what genre is more in need of an infusion of energy than the time-worn noir? For those who want to take it there, we offer this package of noir-ish stories that go to unbelievable places. Whether it’s a hustler working at the margins of Beijing’s gray market, Brazilian lit meets David Lynch, or a nightmarish clash of class and ethnicity in France, these books reinvent one of the most exhausted modern genres.

Buy it now!


His Name Is Hilbig!

The Sleep of the Righteous
Old Rendering Plant
The Tidings of the Trees

Surprising but true: posthumous, terminally grouchy, impenetrably dark, Central European Wolfgang Hilbig is one of our most popular authors. Maybe its his poetic evocations of memory along the lines of Proust. Maybe it’s his mordant, Thomas Bernard–like sense of humor. Maybe people just like his jolly Santa Clause–ish belly? Who really knows! All we can say is that authors like Joshua Cohen and László Krasznahorkai unite with periodicals like The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal—plus oodles of indie booksellers across the nation—to proclaim Hilbig’s greatness. And here you can get a hit of the man himself that will last you all summer long.

Buy it now!