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Save on Two Lines This Summer!

Find the perfect bundles for you and your friends or go wild collecting back issues of the journal at record low prices!

Special Collections:

All NDiaye All the Time! — $20.00

Whether you’re a devoted reader of Marie NDiaye’s hypnotic, beguiling stories, or a newcomer who wants to find out what this French phenomenon is all about, this is the best way to make 2017 your summer of NDiaye. But don’t take our word for it—take the word of award-winning author Idra Novey, who says, “Marie NDiaye’s Self-Portrait in Green is phenomenal.” Or best-selling author Caite Dolan-Leach, who says, “My Heart Hemmed In thoroughly consumes the reader with its lovely, spooky language.” Or Flavorwire, which states, “If any contemporary European writer is on the verge of Ferrante-like recognition, it’s NDiaye.” Make this your summer of NDiaye! Make it All NDiaye All the Time!

The Art of Flâneur — $10.00

What do flâneurs do? Why they walk, they skip, they skid, they skedaddle, they slide. Most importantly, they never, ever come to a standstill. That’s just what the roguish, waifish anti-heroes of João Gilberto Noll’s novels do constantly, so much that their motion infects everything about their world. For an unmatched, hyper-kinetic reading experience—and for the strange plots that could only have come from the mind of this Brazilian master—grab these books and learn about the mysterious, dangerous, surreal world of the flâneur.

Can’t Put Them Down Summer Pageturners — $20.00

It’s summer! The sun is bright, the days are long, and you just want to have fun. So put aside that Heidegger and dig into some of the most gripping stories you’ve ever read. Visit captivating Catalonia, busting Beijing, and scintillating Scandinavia! These fast-paced plots, amazingly compelling characters, and emotion-drenched books are three of the best-selling Two Lines Press titles ever. And for good reason—they’re books readers just can’t put down.

Love Deconstructed — $24.00

There may be nothing more complex and multi-faceted than that thing we call love, and these three authors have put their own unique stamp on it. Start out with Hi, This Is Conchita by Independent Foreign Fiction Award–winning Peruvian Santiago Roncagliolo, the hilariously tragic tale of an unbearably lonely man hoping to “reach out and touch someone” via a phone sex hotline. Then dig in to the utterly slippery Fata Morgana Books, four tales of mad passion and not a little depravity that The New Yorker called “sinuous and propulsive.” And then conclude with Trysting, which runs the gamut with tack-sharp glimpses of nearly 300 relationships, offering love in a super-abundance of surprising forms.

The Eastern European Beach Read! — $22.00

Back by popular demand! When you’re setting out to enjoy a summer day at the beach, it’s important to have the essentials: sunblock, chilled drinks, a big towel—and perversely grotesque tales from former Eastern Bloc nations! Start with the East German Wolfgang Hilbig, compared to W.G. Sebald by The New York Times and declared “an artist of immense stature” by László Krasznahorkai. Then go all in on the surrealistic, darkly hilarious Richard Weiner, ranked alongside Kafka by the legendary Czech author Bohumil Hrabal. And last of all, become immersed of Lidija Dimkovska’s very Balkan saga of two identical twins conjoined at birth—and destined to be split.

First-Time Buyer Offer

Are you new to Two Lines Press? Or maybe you’ve just never bought from our website before? Well, if you’ve never ordered a book direct from us, this is your chance to get 50% off any single title. Just use the coupon code FIRSTBOOK at checkout to get 50% off any single Two Lines Press title. But only for people who have never ordered through our website before!

Back Issues of Two Lines

It’s that time again! Time to get any back issues of Two Lines you might have missed out on, and to buy extra copies (for all your lucky friends) of your favorite issues of Two Lines. These are our best prices of the year on back issues of our indispensible journal of translation.

Issues 1 through 20 (where available) are available at the amazing price of just $2 per issue! That’s beautiful, bilingually printed literature from nearly two dozen languages and regions per issue, for just $2. This is your chance to get hard-to-find writing from classic authors, as well as discover wondrous writers that you may never have known before.

Issues 21 through 26 are just $5 per issue! These are also bilingually printed—with outstanding literature from a dozen places—and they include stupendous cover design by lauded designer Jeff Clark, whom Publishers Weekly calls one of the “most prolific and influential book designers.”