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“Each release from Two Lines Press this year has boldly challenged narrative expectations.”
— J.M. Schreiber, critic and translation-lover

As we approach 2018, we at Two Lines Press are very proud to say that all year long our publications have demonstrated how translated literature belongs at the center of America’s diverse, globally minded, inquisitive literary scene.

We’re connecting with more readers than ever, in more places than ever!

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Two Lines Press proves that translation matters

2017 has been an eventful year for Two Lines Press:

  • Marie NDiaye’s My Heart Hemmed In (tr.Jordan Stump) has been wrestled with by hundreds of readers, igniting conversations about immigration, class, and assimilation during translator events and book clubs at indie bookstores nationwide during the summer and fall 2017, including Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis, and Houston.
  • In May, translator Adam Morris talked about Brazilian author João Gilberto Noll at San Francisco’s City Lights, where a capacity crowd gathered to celebrate the launch of Atlantic Hotel.
  • Esteemed Houston-based indie bookseller Mark Haber declared Wolfgang Hilbig’s Old Rendering Plant (tr. Isabel Fargo Cole) his favorite book released all year, saying, “It’s easily my favorite book of the year because it’s so beautifully written, so transportive. Each page begs to be read aloud. I adore this tiny masterpiece.”
  • And Elvira Navarro’s A Working Woman (tr. Christina MacSweeney) was named one of Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2017—an impressive feat for a work of translation!




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Coming soon from Two Lines Press
  • April brings Lion Cross Point by Masatsugu Ono (tr. Angus Turvill)—our first-ever book from Japan and also our first hardcover release. This utterly captivating tale of a 10-year-old boy who must reconnect with the world after enduring terrible trauma has been praised by novelist Yoko Tawada as “vibrating with the sounds of voices whose meaning has yet to be discovered.” Ono is also coming to the United States for a major tour to connect with audiences eager to hear from the author praised by International Dublin Literary Award winner Akhil Sharma as “belonging in the first ranks of world literature.”
  • With fall comes our first-ever book from Korea, author Kim Sagwa’s spellbinding, utterly visceral Mina (tr. Bruce and Ju Chan Fulton), raved by novelist Han Yujoo as opening readers’ eyes “to the agonizing violence of a character torn up by the inability to bear self-deception.​” This shocking, gut-wrenching title from one of South Korea’s most acclaimed young authors goes deep into the lives of teenagers pushed over the edge by the pressures of parents, peers, and cram-school education. We’ll also be touring Kim Sagwa at bookstores throughout the United States, where she’ll engage with audiences nationwide.
  • 2018 will also see the publication of two new titles from Wolfgang Hilbig (tr. Isabel Fargo Cole), one of our most lauded authors ever, having racked up praise from The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Review of Books, László Krasznahrokai, the Times Literary Supplement, and so many others. These are some of the richest, most beautifully written books we’ve ever published, bringing to mind the relentless invention of James Joyce and the Romantic spirit of Edgar Allan Poe.
  • Last but certainly not least, Two Lines comes back stronger than ever in 2018 with all kinds of goodies, including a special, hand-picked folio of the very best, most avant-garde Japanese poetry, plus new work spanning languages from Albanian to Galician to French Creole and so much more.


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