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The tote bag that brings us truth

Albert Camus once called fiction “the lie through which we tell the truth,” and we here at Two Lines Press strive to bring you books that reveal precisely these truths about our world. We’re so passionate about house authors like Marie NDiaye and Wolfgang Hilbig because they feel true to us in a way nothing else does. 

To help you to find your own truths in fiction, we’re celebrating translated literature with a tote bag inspired by our own Elvira Navarro. This is the very first tote that the Press has ever done, and we’ve chosen to decorate it with a quote from Navarro’s “Best of 2017” novel A Working Woman:


“I like to tell the ending this way, though it’s not completely true”
— Elvira Navarro (tr. Christina MacSweeney)

This bag is our gift to you when you take out a subscription to Two Lines Press. It makes a great way to show your support for translated literature year-round, and it’s beautifully designed and durable! 

We want to sign up 30 new subscribers before the release of Lion Cross Point on April 10—which will mark the launch of our 2018 season of novels.

Please help us reach our goal and be one of the first to get a Two Lines tote bag in the process!

Your $50 subscription gets you four great full-length novels. Things start immediately with Lion Cross Point by the Japanese author Masatsugu Ono, a beautiful hardcover book in Angus Turvill’s sensitive translation. Sara Balabanlilar, of Brazos Bookstore, raves: “Lion Cross Point is a MASTERPIECE. It is too beautiful; hard to imagine that much depth of emotion is possible in 120 pages.”

Your subscription also includes two new novels by Wolfgang Hilbig (“Evokes the luminous prose of W.G. Sebald.” — The New York Times), both translated by award-nominated author and translator Isabel Fargo Cole. You’ll also get our first novel from Korean: the shocking, breathtaking Mina by Kim Sagwa, translated by Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton.

And of course, you’ll get two new issues of our flagship Two Lines journal, delivering new and established voices in world literature for nearly 25 years.

Subscribe today and help us reach our goal.

The Two Lines Press tote bag is currently not for sale and only available through this subscription offer. It’s great for doing your weekly shopping, taking some provisions on a weekend hike, or hauling your latest batch of translated literature home from your favorite independent bookstore!

Subscribe now and support one of the most acclaimed and impactful new presses of international literature—and show your support everywhere you go with our gift to you: the first ever Two Lines Press tote.