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This Tilting World is a reflection on our “impossible present”

Prize-winning French author Collette Fellous’s English-language debut is a memoir that is a love letter to her homeland, Tunisia, which she feels she must now leave forever following a horrific terrorist attack.

This Tilting World book cover

If you haven’t yet picked up a copy of this beautiful memoir, you’re in for a treat! Emotionally honest and beautifully written, This Tilting World addresses our present moment. Translated by Sophie Lewis.

On the night following the terrorist attack that killed thirty-eight tourists on the beach at Sousse, a woman sits facing the sea and writes a love letter to her homeland, Tunisia, which she feels she must now leave forever. Personal tragedies soon resurface—the deaths of her father, a quiet man who had left all he held dear in Tunisia to emigrate to France, and of another lifelong friend, a writer who just weeks ago died at sea, having forsaken the writing that had given his life meaning.

Fellous’s complex and loving story offers a multitude of colorful portraits, and sweeps readers onto a lyrical journey, giving a voice to those one rarely gets to hear, and to loved ones now silent.

“In This Tilting World, French-Tunisian novelist Fellous has written something more intimate than a novel . . . Against an act of terrorism that threatened to transform her polyglot Tunisian world of castoff peoples […] into something unrecognizable, the flight into memory is a refusal to let them be swept away.”San Francisco Chronicle

“Colette Fellous’ beautiful book, humming and dancing with sensual intelligence, newly vivid in Sophie Lewis’s deft, delicate, agile version, takes change and translation as its very themes. It asks us to imagine leaving home, searching for a new home. That home may simply be language itself, a web of knotted meanings…”–Michèle Roberts

“A meditative nonfiction horror story on the North African coast, This Tilting World crashes over the reader in waves.”—Nate McNamara, Lit Hub contributor

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