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Poetry | Dec 2016
By Melih Cevdet Anday
Translated from Turkish By Sidney Wade, Efe Murad
I begin my journey at dawn with my horse As the large morning bird wakes.
Essay | Dec 2016
By John Felstiner
Translated from English By N/A
The rhythmic stretch of that richness reaches, for me, into Rilke’s lines, into those six charged stresses, gib ihnen noch zwei südlichere Tage, as in "grant them even two more southerly days." Maybe that yearning also shows up in the way he moves, augments, a stanza of three into four and then five lines?
Poetry | Dec 2016
By Ghassan Zaqtan
Translated from Arabic By Fady Joudah
When it was close and had found its way . . . the sound of its breathing and the scent by the door told of it.
Poetry | Dec 2016
By Anna Szabó
Translated from Hungarian By George Szirtes
"What kind of spirit, what sort of fire?"
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