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by Dag Sundby
Translated from Norwegian by
Joan Kunsch
Issue 10 Online Exclusive

Few things make me sadder than hilarity
Deafening seconds of laughter
Glittering champagne
Garlands coiled like nooses
New Year’s death decrees

All this buffoonery
Mediocrity’s illusions and
“Who laughs loudest
Who laughs longest
How many seconds can you laugh
Mankind before you explode
Like a fireworks disaster and
Plunge sizzling into the ground

Joan Kunsch is on the classical ballet faculty at Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts, where she is also associate director. Guest teaching and choreography have taken her around North America and abroad, particularly to Scandinavia, England, and The Netherlands. She belongs to a teaching team that has produced dancers for over fifty professional companies touring worldwide, and her choreography comprises over sixty works for concert stage, television, sacred space, and outdoor sites. An artist and writer, Joan Kunsch has had work published in the U.S.A., Norway, England, and India. She translates contemporary Norwegian poets, presents readings in Norwegian as well as English, and performs “Flute Meets Poem” in a duo with her sister, Kathi Byam. She lives in Torrington, Connecticut.