Two Lines Press

Noir with a Twist

We all know that thrilling new translated literature is like a hypodermic injection of adrenaline into a nation’s calm literary heart, and what genre is more in need of an infusion of energy than the time-worn noir? For those who want to take it there, we offer this package of noir-ish stories that go to unbelievable places. Whether it’s a hustler working at the margins of Beijing’s gray market, Brazilian lit meets David Lynch, or a nightmarish clash of class and ethnicity in France, these books reinvent one of the most exhausted modern genres.

  • My Heart Hemmed In

    By Marie NDiaye
    Translated from French by Jordan Stump

    Marie NDiaye has won lavish praise for her unrivaled ability to reveal our innermost lives. My Heart Hemmed In is her grandest statement on the hidden selves we rarely glimpse, but whose presence is always with us.

  • Quiet Creature on the Corner

    By João Gilberto Noll
    Translated from Portuguese by Adam Morris

    Ranked alongside leading Latin American writers like César Aira and Mario Bellatín—and deeply influenced by Clarice Lispector—João Gilberto Noll is esteemed as one of Brazil’s living legends. Quiet Creature on the Corner marks Noll’s U.S. debut.

  • Running through Beijing

    By Xu Zechen
    Translated from Chinese by Eric Abrahamsen

    Meet Dunhuang: just out of prison for selling fake IDs, he has barely enough money for a meal. He also has no place to stay, no friends to call on, and no prospects for earning more yuan. When he happens to meet a pretty woman selling pirated DVDs on the road, he falls into both an unexpected romance and a new business venture. But when her on-and-off boyfriend steps back into the picture, Dunhuang is forced to make some tough decisions.