Two Lines Press

The Complete #WITMonth Collection

In honor of Women in Translation Month 2019, we’re offering a very special deal for those who wish to celebrate in the grandest way: by purchasing every single Two Lines Press book authored by a woman. That’s 10 books for $85! Reader, don’t hesitate. There’s simply no better time than now to commit yourself to a month, a year, a lifetime (!) of reading women in translation.

The collection includes:

Beyond Babylon by Igiaba Scego, translated from Italian by Aaron Robertson

Bright by Duanwad Pimwana, translated from Thai by Mui Poopoksakul

Mina by Kim Sagwa, translated from Korean by Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton

A Working Woman by Elivra Navarro, translated from Spanish by Christina MacSweeney

My Heart Hemmed In by Marie NDiaye, translated by Jordan Stump

Trysting by Emmanuelle Pagano, translated from French by Jennifer Higgins and Sophie Lewis

A Spare Life by Lidija Dimkovska, translated from Macedonian by Christina E. Kramer

Self-Portrait in Green by Marie NDiaye, translated from French by Jordan Stump

 Baboon by Naja Marie Aidt, translated from Danish by Denise Newman

All My Friends by Marie NDiaye, translated from French by Jordan Stump

  • Beyond Babylon

    By Igiaba Scego
    Translated from Italian by Aaron Robertson

    An epic for an era of migrants, border-crossings, and traumatic conflicts, Beyond Babylon takes us deep into the lives of people swept up in history. Telling the engrossing stories of two half-sisters who meet coincidentally in Tunisia, their mothers, and the elusive father who ties them all together, Igiaba Scego’s virtuosic novel spreads thickly over Argentina’s horrific dirty war, the chaotic final years of Siad Barre’s brutal dictatorship in Somalia—which ended in catastrophic civil war—and the modern-day excesses of Italy’s right-wing politics.

    Offering a visionary new perspective on political upheaval and identity in the 21st century, Beyond Babylon’s kaleidoscopic plot investigates the ways in which we make ourselves. Its myriad characters, locations, and languages redefine our sense of citizenship for a fast-changing world of migrants and demagogues, all anchored by five poignant individuals fighting to overcome memories of past violations. A masterwork equally as adept with the lives of nations as those of human beings, Beyond Babylon brings much-needed insight, compassion, and understanding to our turbulent world.

  • Bright

    By Duanwad Pimwana
    Translated from Thai by Mui Poopoksakul

    When five-year-old Kampol is told by his father to sit in front of their run-down apartment building and await his return, the confused boy does as he’s told—he waits and waits and waits, until he realizes his father isn’t coming back anytime soon. Adopted by the community, Kampol is soon being raised by figures like Chong the shopkeeper, who rents out calls on his telephone and goes into debt extending his customers endless credit.

    Dueling flea markets, a search for a ten-baht coin lost in the sands of a beach, pet crickets that get eaten for dinner, bouncy ball fads, and loneliness so merciless that it kills a boy’s appetite all combine into this first-ever novel by a Thai woman to appear in the U.S. Duanwad Pimwana’s urban, at times gritty vignettes are balanced with a folktale-like feel and a charmingly wry sense of humor. Together, they combine into the off-beat, satisfying, and sometimes magical coming-of-age story of an unforgettable young boy and the timeless legends, traditions, and personalities that go into his formation.

  • Mina

    By Kim Sagwa
    Translated from Korean by Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton

    In this shocking English debut, award-winning Korean author Kim Sagwa delivers an astonishingly complex portrait of modern-day adolescence. With pitch-perfect dialogue and a precise eye for detail, Kim creates a piercingly real teen protagonist–at once powerful, vulnerable, and utterly confused. As one bad decision leads to another, this promising life spirals to a devastating climax.

  • A Working Woman

    By Elvira Navarro
    Translated from Spanish by Christina MacSweeney

    A stunning new novel from the author ranked among Granta’s “Best of Young Spanish-Language Novelists”

  • Trysting

    By Emmanuelle Pagano
    Translated from French by Jennifer Higgins & Sophie Lewis

    What is love? Why do some people make our hearts flutter, while others leave us cold?

    A seductive blend of Maggie Nelson and Marguerite Duras, Trysting seizes romance’s slippery truths by letting us glimpse nearly three hundred beguiling relationships: scenes between all genders and sexualities.

  • A Spare Life

    By Lidija Dimkovska
    Translated from Macedonian by Christina Kramer

    It is 1984, and twelve-year-old twins Zlata and Srebra live in communist Yugoslavia. In many ways their lives are like that of young girls anywhere, except for one immense difference: Zlata’s and Srebra’s bodies are conjoined at their heads.

    A Spare Life tells the story of their emergence from girls to young adults, from their desperately poor, provincial childhoods to their determination to become successful, independent women. After years of discovery and friendship, their lives are thrown into crisis when an incident threatens to destroy their bond as sisters. They fly to London, determined to be surgically separated—but will this dangerous procedure free them, or only more tightly ensnare them?

  • Self-Portrait in Green

    By Marie NDiaye
    Translated from French by Jordan Stump

    Who are the green women? They are powerful (one is a disciplinarian teacher). They are mysterious (one haunts a house like a ghost). They are seductive (one marries her best friend’s father). And they are unbearably personal (one is the author’s own mother). They are all aspects of their creator: Marie NDiaye, an author celebrated worldwide as one of France’s leading writers.

  • Baboon

    By Naja Marie Aidt
    Translated from Danish by Denise Newman

    Beginning in the middle of crisis, then accelerating through plots that grow stranger by the page, Naja Marie Aidt’s stories have a feel all their own. Though they are built around the common questions of sex, love, desire, and gender relations, Aidt pushes them into her own desperate, frantic realm.

  • All My Friends

    By Marie NDiaye
    Translated from French by Jordan Stump

    Following her universally acclaimed novel Three Strong Women, French phenom Marie NDiaye returns with five intricately narrated stories showcasing characters both robustly real and emotionally unfathomable.

  • My Heart Hemmed In

    By Marie NDiaye
    Translated from French by Jordan Stump

    Marie NDiaye has won lavish praise for her unrivaled ability to reveal our innermost lives. My Heart Hemmed In is her grandest statement on the hidden selves we rarely glimpse, but whose presence is always with us.