Two Lines Press

The Mystery of Identity

When you stop to think about it, even the simplest and most straightforward of us is a profound mystery that will never be unraveled. So then just imagine how wildly fascinating would be the minds of the following: one of the greatest writers of our time; a paranoid woman who is trying to analyze her possibly insane roommate; and a man whose personality fluctuates like a weathervane. Watch as three masterful authors deconstruct three remarkably identities—and maybe learn something about who you are yourself.

  • Self-Portrait in Green

    By Marie NDiaye
    Translated from French by Jordan Stump

    Who are the green women? They are powerful (one is a disciplinarian teacher). They are mysterious (one haunts a house like a ghost). They are seductive (one marries her best friend’s father). And they are unbearably personal (one is the author’s own mother). They are all aspects of their creator: Marie NDiaye, an author celebrated worldwide as one of France’s leading writers.

  • A Working Woman

    By Elvira Navarro
    Translated from Spanish by Christina MacSweeney

    A stunning new novel from the author ranked among Granta’s “Best of Young Spanish-Language Novelists”

  • Atlantic Hotel

    By João Gilberto Noll
    Translated from Portuguese by Adam Morris

    Compared by critics to filmmaker David Lynch—and deeply influenced by Clarice Lispector—João Gilberto Noll is esteemed as one of Brazil’s living legends. Following the breakthrough success of last year’s Quiet Creature on the Corner, Two Lines Press now presents Noll’s career-defining work, Atlantic Hotel.