Two Lines Press

Two Lines Press 2016 Collection

For $40, the 2016 collection offers our first-ever translation from the Portuguese—João Gilberto Noll’s metaphysical mystery, Quiet Creature on the Corner, reminiscent of the cinema of David Lynch. It also includes the first-ever-translated novel by Macedonian author Lidija Dimkovska (who has published poetry with Copper Canyon Press and Ugly Duckling), and a French novel that’s Edouard Levé meets Marguerite Duras. Plus two issues of the journal of translation Two Lines, always packed with new translations from all over the world. International orders require an extra shipping fee.

  • Quiet Creature on the Corner

    By João Gilberto Noll
    Translated from Portuguese by Adam Morris

    Ranked alongside leading Latin American writers like César Aira and Mario Bellatín—and deeply influenced by Clarice Lispector—João Gilberto Noll is esteemed as one of Brazil’s living legends. Quiet Creature on the Corner marks Noll’s U.S. debut.

  • Two Lines 24

    Two Lines, Issue 24 features fiction by Nobuko Takagi (translated by Deborah Iwabuchi), Christos Ikonomou (translated by Karen Emmerich), Medardo Fraile (translated by Margaret Jull Costa), and Rabee Jaber (translated by Kareem James Abu-Zeid), among others. You’ll discover poetry written by Jan Wagner (translated by David Keplinger), Maxim Amelin (translated by Derek Mong and Anne O. Fisher), Aigerim Tazhi (translated by J. Kates), and Minoru Yoshioka (translated by Eric Selland), among others. Jeffrey Yang’s essay “And Thirst” appears.

  • A Spare Life

    By Lidija Dimkovska
    Translated from Macedonian by Christina Kramer

    It is 1984, and twelve-year-old twins Zlata and Srebra live in communist Yugoslavia. In many ways their lives are like that of young girls anywhere, except for one immense difference: Zlata’s and Srebra’s bodies are conjoined at their heads.

    A Spare Life tells the story of their emergence from girls to young adults, from their desperately poor, provincial childhoods to their determination to become successful, independent women. After years of discovery and friendship, their lives are thrown into crisis when an incident threatens to destroy their bond as sisters. They fly to London, determined to be surgically separated—but will this dangerous procedure free them, or only more tightly ensnare them?

  • Two Lines 25

    Two Lines, Issue 25 features fiction by Enrique Vila-Matas (translated by Margaret Jull Costa), Dmitry Ivanov (translated by Arch Tait), Jorge Luis Castillo (translated by Suzanne Jill Levine), and Helene Uri (translated by Barbara Sjoholm), among others. You’ll discover poetry written by Jean-Luc Nancy (translated by Charlotte Mandell), Kim Hyesoon (translated by Don Mee Choi), and Emmanuel Moses (translated by Marilyn Hacker), among others.

  • Trysting

    By Emmanuelle Pagano
    Translated from French by Jennifer Higgins & Sophie Lewis

    What is love? Why do some people make our hearts flutter, while others leave us cold?

    A seductive blend of Maggie Nelson and Marguerite Duras, Trysting seizes romance’s slippery truths by letting us glimpse nearly three hundred beguiling relationships: scenes between all genders and sexualities.