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Two Lines Press 2018

For $50, you’ll receive everything we published in 2018! The 2018 collection starts with acclaimed Japanese author Masatsugu Ono’s first-ever novel to appear in English, the deeply affecting, cathartic Lion Cross Point. You will also get two more books by New York Times–acclaimed East German author Wolfgang Hilbig, The Tidings of the Trees and The Females. Plus Mina, the debut novel by Korean sensation Kim Sagwa! You also get two issues of the journal of translation Two Lines, always packed with new translations from all over the world.

Note that this is not a subscription to Two Lines Press: if you want a subscription, go right here.

  • Lion Cross Point

    By Masatsugu Ono
    Translated from Japanese by Angus Turvill

    In Lion Cross Point, celebrated Japanese author Masatsugu Ono turns his gentle pen to the mind of ten-year-old Takeru, who arrives at his family’s home village amid a scorching summer, carrying memories of unspeakable acts against his mother and brother. At once a subtle portrayal of a child’s sense of memory and community, an empowering exploration of how we find the words to encompass our trauma, and a spooky Japanese ghost story.

  • Tidings of the Trees

    By Wolfgang Hilbig
    Translated from German by Isabel Fargo Cole

    Where once was a beautiful wood now stands a desolate field smothered in ash and garbage, and here a young man named Waller has terrorizing encounters with grotesque figures named “the garbagemen.” As Waller becomes fascinated with these desperate men who eke out a survival by rooting through their nation’s waste, he imagines they are also digging through its past as their government erases its history and walls itself off from the outside world.

  • Two Lines 28

    Get a taste of literature from around the world in Two Lines. Each issue features the best and most challenging new fiction and poetry out of Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, and more. Featured in Two Lines 28 are stories by Carlos Labbé (tr. Will Vanderhyden) and Abdellah Taïa (tr. Chris Clarke and Emma Ramadan), as well as poetry by Kiwao Nomura (tr. Eric Selland) and Carsten René Nielsen (tr. David Kiplinger).

  • Mina

    By Kim Sagwa
    Translated from Korean by Bruce and Ju-Chan Fulton

    In this shocking English debut, award-winning Korean author Kim Sagwa delivers an astonishingly complex portrait of modern-day adolescence. With pitch-perfect dialogue and a precise eye for detail, Kim creates a piercingly real teen protagonist–at once powerful, vulnerable, and utterly confused. As one bad decision leads to another, this promising life spirals to a devastating climax.

  • Two Lines 29: The Japanese Vanguard

    Along with exciting new translations of fiction and poetry from languages such as Hebrew, Serbian, French, and Persian, Two Lines 29: The Japanese Vanguard features a selection of Japanese poets, many of whom have never before been translated into English. Contemporary poets tackle everything from love (Hachikai Mimi, tr. Kyoko Yoshida), to rigid aspects of Japanese culture (Enomoto Saclaco, tr. Eric Selland), to nuclear fallout from the Fukushima disaster (Mizuho Ishida, tr. Judy Halebsky and Tomoyuki Endo, and Wagō Ryōichi, tr. Jeffrey Angles). The Japanese Vanguard offers a unique glimpse into contemporary Japanese poetry.