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Your 2018 subscription starts in the spring, with Issue 28 of our with acclaimed journal of translation, plus Japanese author Masatsugu Ono’s first-ever novel to appear in English: the deeply affecting, cathartic Lion Cross Point.

Throughout 2018 you’ll receive two new books by New York Times–acclaimed East German author Wolfgang Hilbig. The Tidings of the Trees is a poetic and powerful look at how we preserve and erase history, and The Females is a labyrinthine and at times disturbing look at gender as Hilbig presents us with a world in which women mysteriously vanish from their small town.

You’ll also receive Mina, the debut novel by Korean sensation Kim Sagwa, and your second issue of Two Lines, which includes a special feature on groundbreaking Japanese poets in English for the first time, along with dynamic literature from all over the world.

Note that your subscription will auto-renew for 2019 (though you can cancel at any time), and international orders require an additional shipping fee.