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ISBN: 1-931883-00-9
ISSN: 1525-5204
Pages: 190
Publication Date: October 1, 1994
Distributed By: Publishers Group West

Two Lines 1: Battlefields

Fall 1994
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We would be lying if we said we had no sense of mission. We think translation is important, urgent work. Language which is venerable is language which has lost the ability to refresh itself.

We wanted to make a place for translation in which the act of translating was central. We wanted to share our work in a place where the contradictions and frustrations of translation were part of the ground rules.

— Editors’ introduction to the inaugural issue

We asked for submissions about battlefields, real or imagined. We read letters and recollections, prayers and complaints and newspaper reports. Some battles were purely ceremonial. Some were so real we felt we had to look away. Some were fought within a single heart, with no outward sign at all…

To have called for submissions and to have discovered that so many people understood instinctively what TWO LINES was trying to be about was a great and unexpected satisfaction. We hope that the magazine serves as a kind of reference or marker for the reader’s own work—for we are rash enough to imagine that you would not be reading this if you were not interested in translation yourself—and our warmest hope is that some of the readers of this issue will become contributors to the next.

— Founding editors Olivia E. Sears, Antonia Saxon, Mark E. Francis, and Paul LaFarge

Table of Contents
Sink or Swim
Translated from Spanish by Patricia Fox
Translated from Chinese by William A. Lyell
Someone Else's Bread
Translated from Russian by Stephen Towey
Killing Sarajevo
Translated from Serbo-Croatian by Dusan Djordjevich
Naval Exercises at Dinghai
Translated from Chinese by Philip Kafalas
Face of War
Translated from Russian by Angelika Meyer
Conflict and Compromise: Japanese High School Students' Attitudes About U.S.-Japan Economic Relations
Translated from Japanese by Brent Mori
Letter to Yanagida Kunio
Translated from Japanese by Antonia Saxon
Psalm 29: Friday—The Animals and Humankind | Psalm 93: On That Day | Fourth Blessing: Eternal Peace and Protection
Translated from Hebrew by Ari Mark Cartun
The Battle of the Sexes
Translated from Chinese by Sing-chen Lydia Chiang
Shibboleth | In One
Translated from German by John Felstiner
Twilight Songs: No. 3-Autumn
Translated from Chinese by Mark E. Francis
Autumn Thoughts: No. 4
Translated from Chinese by Mark E. Francis
Frontier Songs: Two Selections
Translated from Chinese by Mark E. Francis
Song of an Arrowhead Found at Changping
Translated from Chinese by Mark E. Francis
Translated from Spanish by Enrique Moreno
Against the Wars
Translated from Italian by Olivia E. Sears
Bella Flor
Translated from Italian by Olivia E. Sears
Gray Times
Translated from German by Annie Stenzel
Shibboleth and Translation: Essay on Paul Celan