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ISBN: 1-931883-09-2
ISSN: 1525-5204
Pages: 292
Publication Date: October 1, 2003
Distributed By: Publishers Group West

Two Lines 10: Parties

Fall 2003

She liked to plunge herself into the crowd,  mix with it, pretend to be a part of it…

—from “Opportunities Abound for Young Girls” by Cheikh C. Sow, translated from French by Tobias Warner


What amazes us about this issue is that the translations seem to interact with one another like strangers thrown together at a party, some managing to find common ground, others breaking into heated argument….

And, of course, we find parties and celebrations: among Uzbek women poets of the 19th century, the Berbers of Morocco, the irreverent attendees of a Baja California wake, guests at a Swedish ball, an Italian poet in the dead of winter and another in the trenches of World War I, a troubadour at court in Provence, a Bulgarian man who spends his life trying to buy some cheese, a Finnish poet visiting Bosnia, a Spanish painter writing in France. —THE EDITORS

Table of Contents
Evenings of the festival day
Translated from Italian by Patrick Barron
A Rosary for Raquel
Translated from Spanish by Bruce Berger
The Killer Whale
Translated from Icelandic by Sarah M. Brownsberger
From Dusk and Dawn
Translated from Polish by Ewa Hryniewicz-Yarbrough
How Little Ping Bought Her Happiness
Translated from Russian by Nina Kossman
From Ahouash: Four Seasons with the Berbers
Translated from French by Elisabeth Lyman
Feta Cheese
Translated from Bulgarian by Zoya Marincheva
From the Vortex
Translated from Spanish by Chris Michalski
Opportunities Abound for Young Girls
Translated from French by Tobias Warner
From Mr. Kuka's Recommendations
Translated from German by Chantal Wright
The Journey
Translated from Spanish by Donald A. Yates
Translated from Russian by Vitaly Chernetsky
Vigil | In Drowsiness | Comrades | Peregrination
Translated from Italian by William Cirocco
Words Explaining Flowers
Translated from Chinese by Michael Farman
Losses Not in Translation Only
Translated from German by John Felstiner
Translated from Swedish by Roger Greenwald
Blissfully Happy
Translated from Spanish by Liz Henry
Songs of Jacques Brel
Translated from French by Arnold Johnston
Translated from Norwegian by Joan Kunsch
Fleeting Bits of Picasso
Translated from Spanish by Suzanne Jill Levine
A Faux One Hundred Poets
Translated from Japanese by Ian MacDonald
Elegy for Alexander Soprovsky
Translated from Russian by Philip Metres
The Festival of Ice and Snow
Translated from Chinese by Edward Morin & Dennis Ding
Translated from Finnish by Seija Paddon
To Shashlyk
Translated from Russian by Marian Schwartz
Now the sunny seasons start...
Translated from Provençal by W. D. Snodgrass
Rosy, astonishing flower... | Come sisters, here's the daf and saz...