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ISBN: 978-1-931883-15-3
ISSN: 1525-5204
Pages: 292
Publication Date: October 1, 2008
Distributed By: Publishers Group West

Two Lines 15: Strange Harbors

Fall 2008

His walk was the same, although perhaps a little slower than before, his large waist had not much thickened, but it was his stocky silhouette, and above all his immaculate white guyabera which gave him away, even from behind.


—from “The Snares of History” by Georges Anglade, translated from the French by Joseph Berganza


We tell ourselves it’s universal, storytelling. It is—except what it is a storyteller tells isn’t always and everywhere the same thing. Reading stories in translation, one soon begins to wonder, “What is a story?”

One might as well ask, “What is love?” We think it universal. We think we know what others mean when they use the word. But reading translated stories about love, who can keep from asking, “Can this be love, the thing the story—if it is a story— talks about?”

We concede we do not always understand ideas. What makes us think we understand emotions any better?  —JOHN BIGUENET

Table of Contents
A Manuscript of Ashes
Translated from Spanish by Edith Grossman
Translated from Spanish by Chris Andrews
There's Lots to See
Translated from Hebrew by Jessica Cohen
Four Children, Two Dogs and Some Birds
Translated from Portuguese by Margaret Jull Costa
Vilnius Poker
Translated from Lithuanian by Elizabeth Novickas
The Girl Who Was Born from an Apple
Translated from Ladino by Trudy Balch
The Brothers of Consolation
Translated from French by Edward Gauvin
Our Years of Beauty
Translated from Romanian by Sean Cotter
The Snares of History
Translated from French by Josephine Berganza
Translated from Spanish by Michael Henry Heim
Thirteen Harbors
Translated from Vietnamese by Charles Waugh & Nguyen Lien
The Two Small Black Hands of the Clock | If I Became
Translated from Bengali by Jordan Mills Pleasant & Devadatta Joardar
Parting from Semba | At Semba's Shore
Translated from Latvian by Inara Cedrins
Brandenburg Letters | Riverbend Passage
Translated from French by Marilyn Hacker
Railroad Sunset, 1929 | Cape Cod Evening, 1939
Translated from Catalan by Lawrence Venuti
The Stain | The Canine Sense of Smell | Newton's Orange: Gravity
Translated from Polish by Margret Grebowicz
Translated from Spanish by Wendy Burk
Island | The Boatman
Translated from Gaelic by Ivy Porpotage
My Grandfather
Translated from German by Ken Fontenot
Farewell | White Whale
Translated from Portuguese by Alexis Levitin
Rune Poem
Translated from Old English by John Estes
A Cross of Candles
Translated from Spanish by Elizabeth Gamble Miller
Making Things
Translated from Tagalog by José Edmundo Ocampo Reyes
Edgard's Lessons: 24
Translated from French by Douglas Basford
Deserts | A Bed | Tents
Translated from Arabic by Omnia Amin & Rick London
The Snow Prince | Mask
Translated from Turkish by Aron Aji
With Your Voice | Done with the City
Translated from Turkish by Cunda Translation Workshop
Coffee Grinds: Three | Coffee Grinds: Twenty | The Poem of Dust
Translated from Turkish by Murat Nemet-Nejat