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ISBN: 978-1-931883-19-1
ISSN: 1525-5204
Pages: 270
Publication Date: October 1, 2011
Distributed By: Publishers Group West

Two Lines 18: Counterfeits

Fall 2011

When the order to fire is finally given

everything is excitement and turmoil,

each man is responsible for his part

and no one is responsible for the wreckage.


—from “Battery” by Julio Martinez Mesanza, translated from the Spanish by Don Bogen


True poetry in its own language chastises our desire for easy interpretation, but translation has the double task of delivering clarity, while preserving mystery. I hope the translations here achieve that paradoxical goal. They do for me. I know a translation works as art when I begin to hear a vibration around the words and at the same time see images arising in the theater of the mind, and in intense cases, to feel a nervous excitement translating into a physical need to take up pencil and paper and begin to draw. That kind of aroused listening and reading represents one phase of a long, unfolding, consequential process: writing calls for creative reading, which leads to translation, which gives birth to more creative reading, which may lead to other creations—writing again, or the writing we call drawing, yet another translation.


Table of Contents
The Letter Killers' Club
Translated from Russian by Joanne Turnbull
Translated from Spanish by Chris Andrews
Angel of Destruction
Translated from Czech by Andrew Oakland
Translated from Spanish by Don Bogen
Translated from Slovak by Julia Sherwood
Translated from Czech by Alex Zucker
The Art of Resurrection
Translated from Spanish by Jeremy Osner
Perishable Scores
Translated from Czech by Andrew Oakland & Gabriela Oaklandova
Joseph Walser's Machine
Translated from Portuguese by Rhett McNeil
The Neruda Case
Translated from Spanish by Carolina De Robertis
The Colors of Infamy
Translated from French by Alyson Waters
Basya Solomonovna's Third World War
Translated from Russian by Lisa Hayden
The Stonecutter
Translated from Swedish by Steven T. Murray
Translated from Slovak by Julia Sherwood
The Mirror's Paths
Translated from Spanish by Adam Giannelli
Translated from Swedish by Rika Lesser
Bdin—The Dump
Translated from Bulgarian by Angela Rodel
At the End
Translated from Hebrew by Barbara Goldberg & Moshe Dor
"The tree that got loose from the forest can't mend our fence..." | "The sun came between us in all of our squabbles..."
Translated from French by Marilyn Hacker
August | In the Beginning
Translated from Italian by Harry Thomas & Marco Sonzogni
Realization | On the Roof of the World
Translated from Mongolian by Lyn Coffin
December Orange
Translated from Catalan by Cyrus Cassells
Translated from Vietnamese by Martha Collins
27 | 32
Translated from Spanish by John Oliver Simon
Ballad of the Hanged
Translated from French by Aaron Kerner
Foot of the Bed | Listen, Dearest One
Translated from Gujarati by Meena Desai
The Partisan's Death Certificate
Translated from Danish by Patrick Phillips
Identity Check
Translated from French by Victor Pambuccian