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ISBN: 1-931883-01-7
ISSN: 1525-5204
Pages: 274
Publication Date: October 1, 1995
Distributed By: Publishers Group West

Two Lines 2: Tracks

Fall 1995
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If two are rowing a boat,

one knowledgeable about the stars,

the other knowledgeable about storms,

one will lead through the stars,

the other will lead through the storms,

and at the end, at the very end

in their recollection the sea

will be blue


— “If two are rowing a boat” by Reiner Kunze, translated from the German by Angelika Meyer


The phenomenon of perceiving through traces is not limited to language. Sometimes effects are all we are given. A great medievalist used to compare medieval descriptions of angels with the contemporary definition of a quark: both admit the possibility of never identifying the thing in itself.

Tracks may lead to their maker; they may entirely trace a journey. They could even be fallen remnants, as after a conversation across a dinner table when we discover what is left behind on the table: the messages we sent—messages never received on the other side. In this issue we read about the tracks left by a memory, an animal, a word, a coat, a reflection, a sweating body, a loom; tracks left in the earth, on silk, in language, on poetry, within our minds and hearts and souls. Languages range from Bulgarian to Yiddish, from Oriya to Provençal; authors are Dada poets, or Buddhist monks, or Caribbean intellectuals, or storytellers from the island of Buru deep in the Moluccan Archipelago.  —OLIVIA E. SEARS

Table of Contents
The Dynasty of the Immortals
Translated from Oriya by Bidhubhushan Das & Oopalie Operajita
Geba Bohot & Other Buru Tales
Translated from Buru by Chaumont Devin
The Dead Poets Society
Translated from Chinese by Sing-chen Lydia Chiang
The Letter She Never Received
Translated from Thai by Susan Fulop Kepner
Translated from Latvian by Maris Kundzins
Trials of a Young Writer
Translated from Portuguese by Clifford E. Landers
Homo Bulgaris, or Forecast 2090
Translated from Bulgarian by Alexander Mihailov
Guardian of the Female Spirit
Translated from Japanese by Jenifer Y. Nogaki
Selections from the Great Dictionary of the Chinese Language
Translated from Chinese by Adam (Yuet) Chau
The White Trail of Free Men and Freemasons
Translated from Spanish by Paul Rich & Guillermo De los Reyes
A Little Miscellany of Summer Perspiration Strategies
Translated from Japanese by Antonia Saxon
The Open Boat
Translated from French by Betsy Wing
Translated from Swedish by Eva Claeson
Six Poems by Ch'an Buddhist Monks
Translated from Chinese by Charles H. Egan
Autumn Day
Translated from German by John Felstiner
Translated from German by John Felstiner
Unmoored | Way | How I've Come to be Charming Agreeable and Delightful
Translated from French by Jori Finkel
Setting Down My Thoughts While Traveling at Night
Translated from Chinese by Mark E. Francis
As Autumn Comes
Translated from Chinese by Mark E. Francis
My Father's Fur Coat
Translated from Yiddish by Kathryn Hellerstein
Just as the Trojan women fired Aeneas' boats
Translated from Russian by J. Kates
No Songs Today, No Sepa
Translated from Thai by Susan Fulop Kepner
Privileged Findings
Translated from German by Sieglinde Lug
If two are rowing a boat | The tall forest educates its trees
Translated from German by Angelika Meyer
Five Greek Lullabies
Translated from Modern Greek by Jo Ann Pantanizopoulos
The Ship Leaving for Australia
Translated from Italian by Laura Stortoni
Not Through Apple but Through Orange Groves
Translated from Italian by Laura Stortoni
The Polynesians are Wise
Translated from Italian by Laura Stortoni
O, Road | Between Silica and Carbides | The Woman Covered with Drawings
Translated from Romanian by Sasha Vlad & Zack Rogow
Making Bernart de Ventadorn Sing the Blues: Tracking Medieval Music in the Dark
You Must Change Your Line—An Essay With Poems
Limpid Tracks and Ghostly Traces—An Essay With Poems by Du Fu and Li He
A Translator's Challenges and Dilemmas—An Essay With Translations from the Hindi