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ISBN: 978-1-931883-37-5
ISSN: 1525-5204
Pages: 166
Publication Date: September 1, 2014
Distributed By: Publishers Group West

Two Lines 21

Fall 2014

Spoons carry the voice of the dead into tea, into broth. Spoons remember. And they are not afraid.


—from “The Spoon” by Rafael Courtoisie Beyhaut, translated from the Spanish by Anna Rosenwong

In the first issue, we wrote about Two Lines as a forum for this overlooked work: “We wanted to make a place for translation in which the act of translating was central. We wanted to share our work in a place where the contradictions and frustrations of translation were part of the ground rules.” Twenty years in, we are very gratified to have published more than 450 authors and more than 440 translators from 70 languages—but also to have helped spark what is still the beginning of a broader move toward publishing international literature and celebrating the art of translation. —OLIVIA SPEARS, FOUNDING EDITOR


Table of Contents
Translated from French by Rachel Careau
The Dinosaurs Have Not Died
Translated from Spanish by Victoria Pehl Smith
Against Time
Translated from Italian by Martha Cooley & Antonio Romani
Forrest Woods, Chair
Translated from Chinese by Andrea Lingenfelter
Father and Son: A Lifetime
Translated from Spanish by Natasha Wimmer
Wind | Gate of Snow | Ballroom | A Late Gathering
Translated from Japanese by Sawako Nakayasu
Translated from Hebrew by Yael Segalovitz
"The salt taste of your kiss I remember clearly..." | "On the bad days..." | "Every time we saw each other..." | "Among all these poems..." | "December 31st..."
Translated from Danish by Susanna Nied
These Armfuls of Sparks, These Embers | Demarcation of the Uncertain | On the Alert
Translated from French by John Taylor
Coffee | Oranges | The Spoon
Translated from Spanish by Anna Rosenwong
Letters to the Host
Translated from German by Mark Herman & Ronnie Apter
Translated from French by Emma Ramadan
The Trivial and the Sublime: Roger Lewinter's "Passion"
"A Wash of Mimicry": On the Deformation Zone of Translation