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ISBN: 1-931883-02-5
ISSN: 1525-5204
Pages: 232
Publication Date: October 1, 1996
Distributed By: Publishers Group West

Two Lines 3: Waves

Fall 1996
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Dirty clothes are not washed at home

when bloodstains are so thorough

they go basin to basin


—from “To a Santiago Washerwoman” by Oscar Hahn, translated from the Spanish by James Hoggard



Waves and quakes. Two Lines itself has endured changes of great magnitude this year as we found independence, for better or worse. Due to budget tightening, our journal is no longer published under the auspices of a university. We decided to make Two Lines autonomous rather than close its pages forever. We are now permanently located atop an old Victorian in San Francisco (speaking of quakes). This change has been and will be a challenge.

Translation is the art that embodies change, movement, and negotiations of distance. Our journal focuses attention on this process and on the practice of translation—vital for a culture’s understanding of the flux of stories, wanderings, and events. Waves are signs of motion. Yet waves are not static traces of a movement that is already in the past, they are the transference of a force, the shape and tendencies of its character, its expression. Which leads us to the origin of the word. The noun wave comes from the Old English verb wafian, to sway to and fro, which first referred to a waving hand. A motion that communicates. — OLIVIA E. SEARS

Table of Contents
The Hyenas of Prague
Translated from Czech by Dana Loewy
A Ship's Passing
Translated from Spanish by Susan Ouriou
The Kings
Translated from Spanish by Aaron Keith Perkus
The Abortion
Translated from Russian by Marian Schwartz
The Seventh Night's Dream
Translated from Japanese by Tricia Vita
Edict of Expulsion
Translated from Spanish by Martin Kaplan
Signs of Pre-Columbian Ventures Upon the Atlantic
Translated from French by Benjamin B. Olshin
The Merits of Women
Translated from Italian by Olivia E. Sears
Translated from Spanish by Cola Franzen
Double Exile | The Night | Ruses
Translated from Spanish by John Friedmann
Poem LXIII: Attis
Translated from Latin (Ancient Rome) by V. S. Greenfield
A Man Who Has Visions | A Vertical Coffin | A Tree You Cannot See
Translated from Japanese by Samuel Grolmes & Yumiko Tsumura
To Francisco Salinas, Reader in Music at the University of Salamanca
Translated from Spanish by Larry Hammer
To a Santiago Washerwoman | Of Candles and Lilies | A Crow's or Buzzard's Get
Translated from Spanish by James Hoggard
so lightly we move | it's we who give birth | salvation is in warm fur
Translated from Polish by Maya Peretz
Translated from Modern Greek by Avi Sharon
The Garden in Front of the Sea
Translated from Italian by Laura Stortoni
Infernal Pulsations
Translated from Italian by Seth Zimmerman
The New New Directions? An Interview with Exact Change Press
Souls: Occasional Music & Translation