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ISBN: 1-931883-03-3
ISSN: 1525-5204
Pages: 214
Publication Date: October 1, 1997
Distributed By: Publishers Group West

Two Lines 4: Possession

Fall 1997
Sold Out

There is another and he takes you while I sleep.

I am wakened by his rasping moans,

verses written to you ringing in his ear,

the cascade rushing down your throat


to seek the wasp’s nest of the heart. —from “Scardanelli Speaks” by Francisco Hernández, translated from the Spanish by Elizabeth Bell



Yet who are our countrymen? Languages do not locate us. In this issue, we were interested in issues of colonization and domination. We expected tales of occupied nations, and the resulting narratives of personal dispossession and social unrest, but we didn’t expect what now seems inevitable: a preponderance of colonization at the very level of language. Clearly, the colonized write in the colonial tongues, even centuries after the marauders have been chased out or have moved on (or moved in.) […] While the many languages of the world are learned out of the desire to express desires, all people speak in tongues, incomprehensibly, when possessed. —THE EDITORS

Table of Contents
Translated from Arabic by S. V. Atalla
A St. Petersburg Childhood
Translated from French by Carol Cosman
Mad Love
Translated from French by Monique Fleury Nagem
The New California
Translated from Portuguese by Clifford E. Landers
The Oral Patrimony of Humanity
Translated from Spanish by Peter Bush
Before Words
Translated from Swedish by Eva Claeson
Where's the Voortrekker Monument Now?!!
Transvaal/Gauteng: Where's the Voortrekker Monument Now?!!
Song of the Khori Taisha Rinchin Darzhin
Translated from Buryat by Sayan Zhambalov & Virlana Tkacz & Wanda Phipps
Translated from French by Gary Gach
Dark Services: Poems by Robert Desnos
Translated from French by J. Kates
Two Haitian Poets
Translated from Haitian by Jack Hirschman & Boadiba
The Scent of Tangerine
Translated from Portuguese by John Friedmann
The Circle
Translated from Romanian by Adam J. Sorkin & Bogdan Stefanescu
Translated from Romanian by Sasha Vlad & Zack Rogow
The Black Shawl
Translated from Russian by Lydia Razran Stone
Scardanelli Speaks: Poems
Translated from Spanish by Elizabeth Bell
The Duration of the Voyage: Poems
Translated from Spanish by Jason Weiss
Delicious Musings
Translated from Spanish by Pamela Carmell
Lider: Poems by Anna Margolin
Translated from Yiddish by Shirley Kumove