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ISBN: 1-931883-05-X
ISSN: 1525-5204
Pages: 262
Publication Date: October 1, 1999
Distributed By: Publishers Group West

Two Lines 6: Fires

Fall 1999
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Lou, in the rearview mirror of a brief instant

Lou, don’t you see me?


—from “Still the Two of Us” by Henri Michaux, translated from the French by James Brook


Writing about fire, I am haunted by what it has cost me, by memories of passions that flared and singed and were stomped out, memories of homefires suddenly doused, of the dead silence after the fire finally crackled down to nothing. I am newly wary of standing too close to the flame. Passion might destroy me—a moth with experience, with a memory—and burn the page. Worse yet, the fire, personal or creative, might never be sparked again. If I approach the flames now, what can I afford to lose? Without a hearth to hold the fire, will my passions spread out of control? If I step into the fire, will all hell break loose? —THE EDITORS

Table of Contents
Translated from Chinese by Simon Patton
Ready! Aim! Fire! Two Vignettes
Translated from French by Norman R. Shapiro
Translated from Gujarati by Rita Kothari
Samurai Daughter
Translated from Russian by Christopher Mattison
Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire: A Cuban Tobacco Legend
Translated from Spanish by Kirk Anderson
Translated from Spanish by Elizabeth Bell & John Ross
Translated from Arabic by S. V. Atalla
The Double Man
Translated from Spanish by Jen Hofer
Fire Signs
Translated from Spanish by Michael Koch
With Savage Fire: Poems
Translated from Bengali by Carolyne Wright & Mohammad Nurul Huda
Ramona Rosbif
Translated from Catalan by Josefa Devesa-Seva
Translated from Chinese by Stephen Haven & Wang Shouyi
Still the Two of Us
Translated from French by James Brook
Litanies of Satan
Translated from French by Jack Foley
Translated from French by J. Kates
Translated from German by Marilya Veteto-Conrad
Translated from Modern Greek by Christopher Bakken & Roula Konsolaki
Burned at the Stake
Translated from Italian by Mark Herman & Ronnie Apter
Lightning and Shadows
Translated from Japanese by Samuel Grolmes & Yumiko Tsumura
On Seeing a Painting of Hell
Translated from Japanese by Lorinda Kiyama
Lyric Fires of the Persian Baroque: Ghazals
Translated from Persian by Paul Losensky
Passion's Letter
Translated from Portuguese by Alexis Levitin
Translated from Spanish by Robert Klein Engler
Survival: Eight Stanzas of Commentary on the Words of Buddha
Translated from Spanish by John Oliver Simon