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ISBN: 1-931883-08-4
ISSN: 1525-5204
Pages: 284
Publication Date: October 1, 2002
Distributed By: Publishers Group West

Two Lines 9: Ghosts

Fall 2002
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Funga the witch doctor is a liar; Rwanda has been cursed for a long time.

—from “The Oldest Orphan” by Tierno Monénembo, translated from French by Monique Fleury Nagem


This issue has remarkable breadth. We visit with people who, uprooted and exiled, live like apparitions in a world totally foreign to them; with people who wander their own streets lost and hopeless in the shadow of war; we listen in on a phantom love affair through the thinnest of walls, and we revel in the memory of youthful lust….

As the submissions arrived for this issue, we were struck by all that the world has to say about what haunts us—about sprits too ephemeral for us to grasp and phantoms we cannot escape. —THE EDITORS

Table of Contents
The Dog Myriapodis
Translated from Romanian by Adam J. Sorkin & Lidia Vianu
Slow Nacre
Translated from Spanish by John Oliver Simon
The Last Butterfly
Translated from French by Norman R. Shapiro
A Story about a Story
Translated from Russian by Jane Shamaeva
Huan Niang
Translated from Chinese by Susan Wan Dolling
The Oldest Orphan
Translated from French by Monique Fleury Nagem
Berlin, 1.XI.39: Shadows of a City Night
Translated from German by Isabel Fargo Cole
The House of Evening Faces
Translated from Japanese by Ian MacDonald
A Summer Story
Translated from Serbian by Sibelan Forrester
The Uprooted
Translated from Spanish by Sean Higgins
The Ghost
Translated from Spanish by Donald A. Yates
Saint John the Baptist
Translated from Haitian by Guerda Romain-Châtelain
The Tale of the Dragon—A Fable | Night with Dream
Translated from Romanian by Adam J. Sorkin
cell 487 | anguish
Translated from French by Bradley Richie
The Labyrinth of My Tongue: A Selection
Translated from Chinese by John Gery & Xiaobin Yang
Movements | Future for Pictures | Preparatory Sentences
Translated from German by Alan Prohm
Translated from Japanese by Lorinda Kiyama
Beyond Your Death
Translated from Japanese by Shogo Oketani & Leza Lowitz
Flowers of a Moment: A Selection
Translated from Korean by Brother Anthony of Taizé
Conversations with the Dead—An Essay
Translated from Latin by Art Beck
Whispered Urgency: The Pine Grove
Translated from Romagnolo by Adria Bernardi
Your Voice
Translated from Urdu by Hamida Banu Chopra & Zack Rogow
Work Went On | The Paper Boy Had Fallen Asleep
Translated from Swedish by Eva Claeson
Celebration of Celery
Translated from Spanish by John Felstiner
Writing from a Vanashing Language
Fertile Misremembrance: Translating Levertov's Neruda