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    Two Lines and Music & Literature are teaming up to give you two great journals, for a reduced subscription rate!

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    For a limited time only, increase your access to the best of international literature and thoughtful criticism!
    Start your subscription with either the current issues, Two Lines 27 and Music & Literature No. 8, or with our forthcoming issues.

    Get a taste of literature from around the world in Two Lines. Each issue features the best and most challenging new fiction and poetry out of Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, and more. Featured in Two Lines 28 are stories by Carlos Labbé (tr. Will Vanderhyden) and Abdellah Taïa (tr. Chris Clarke and Emma Ramadan), as well as poetry by Kiwao Nomura (tr. Eric Selland) and Carsten René Nielsen (tr. David Kiplinger). No two issues are alike!

    Take a deep dive in Music & Literature into the work of underrepresented artists. Explore musicians such as Mark Turner and Unsuk Chin through interviews and essays. Read work by and interviews with writers such as Éric Chevillard and Georgi Gospodinov. Each print issue of Music & Literature assembles an international cast of writers and critics in celebration of three featured artists whose work has yet to reach its deserved audience.

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    Support Literary Translation and have incredible literature delivered to you twice a year!

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    When you subscribe to Two Lines, a biannual journal of international literature to which The Paris Review offered a “hearty congratulations,” you are celebrating and supporting international literature in translation.

    Two Lines amplifies the aims of Two Lines Press by capturing the most exciting work being done today by the world’s best translators—and by forging a space to celebrate the art of translation.

    Within our pages you’ll find work by writers such as Yuri Herrera, Kim Hyesoon, Christos Ikonomou, Rabee Jaber, Emmanuel Moses, Anne Parian, Chika Sagawa, Enrique Vila-Matas, and Jan Wagner—in translations by Lisa Dillman, Don Mee Choi, Karen Emmerich, Kareem Abu-Zeid, Marilyn Hacker, Emma Ramadan, Sawako Nakayasu, Margaret Jull Costa, and David Keplinger, respectively. You’ll also encounter arresting insights on language, literature, and translation from the point of view of writers such as Lydia Davis, Johannes Göransson, Wayne Miller, and Jeffrey Yang.


    Two Lines is perhaps that mysterious foreigner moved to town—that tall, darkly dressed foreigner knowledgeable of things about which the rest of us are only dimly aware.” — Travis Kurowski, Poets & Writers

    “An appetite-whetting sampler of authors whose work any serious reader cannot afford to be without.” — Oscar Villalon, ZYZZYZVA