Writers & Translators

Writers & Translators
  • Translator
    Bill Zavatsky has published translations of Robert Desnos and Valery Larbaud (with Ron Padgett) in the Random House Book of Twentieth-Century French Poetry, of Ramón Gómez de la Serna's Greguerías, and of André Breton (with Zack Rogow) in Earthlight. He has also published numerous collections of his own poetry.
  • Author
    Xu Zechen is the author of the novels Midnight’s Door, Night Train, and Heaven on Earth. He was selected by People’s Literature as one of the “Future 20” best Chinese writers under forty-one. The recipient of numerous awards and honors, he lives in Beijing.
  • Author, Turkish
    Necmi Zekâ, born in 1963, is a leading representative of the new Turkish avant-garde poetry. His unconventional poems make extensive use of irony and playfulness. In a faux-naïf style, he creates experimental compositions that mock literary and social clichés.
  • Author, Japanese
    Konparu Zenchiku (1405–1468, 1470, or 1471) was a skilled Japanese Noh actor, troupe leader, and playwright.
  • Author, Albanian
    Moikom Zeqo is the author of more than a dozen books of poetry and fiction, as well as numerous monographs on Albanian history and literature. He has served as Albania’s Minister of Culture, and for many years he directed the National Historical Museum in Tirana.
  • Author, Ukrainian
    Serhiy Zhadan is one of Ukraine’s most prominent contemporary writers, the author of numerous novels and poetry collections, the winner of several prestigious international awards, and a translator of poetry from several languages. Zhadan is also well-known for his political activism.
  • Translator, Buryat
    Sayan Zhambalov is a Buryat writer, actor, and singer. He performed with the Yara Arts Group and heads Uragsha, a traditional music ensemble that has performed at the World Music Insitute in New York.
  • Author, Chinese
    A poet, curator, and art critic, Zhu Zhu was born in Yangzhou, the People’s Republic of China. His paced and painterly poems cut into social reality through the lens of personal history and meditation, where the interiority of the mind is pooled, pulled, and brought to the brink of possibility.
  • Author, Chinese
    Xu Zhuodai (1881–1958) was born Xu Fulin in Wuxian, Jiangsu. He helped to form the Spring Willow Society, staging modern drama, and co-founded the Kaixin Film Company. He also published the best-selling novel Where Can We Run?
  • Translator, Hindi
    Arlene Zide has a PhD from the University of Chicago and is the author of In Their Own Voice: An Anthology of Contemporary Indian Women Poets. Her translations from Hindi and other Indian languages have appeared in Indian Literature, The Malahat Review, International Quarterly, and Translation Review.
  • Author, Latvian
    Imants Ziedonis (1933 – 2013) was a Latvian poet who first rose to fame during the Soviet occupation of Latvia. Following Latvian independence from the Soviet Union, Ziedonis was awarded the Order of the Three Stars, Latvia's highest honor for civic merit to the nation.
  • Translator, Italian
    Seth Zimmerman is a professor of mathematics at Evergreen Valley College in San Jose, California, where his rendering of the Inferno is used as a Humanities text. It is supported in the language arts lab by his computer program HyperDante, which provides line by line translation, footnotes, diagrams, summaries, and artwork. His previous published works include fiction, poetry, and research in probability theory.
  • Translator, Spanish
    As an undergraduate, Martin Zotta assisted Richard Kostelanetz in the production of Simultaneous Translations (Cornerstone Press, Arnold, MO, 2008), in which Ramon’s famously short, single-sentence texts appear directly above English translations typeset to be identical in horizontal length.
  • Translator, Czech
    Alex Zucker’s translations include novels by J. R. Pick, Petra Hůlová, Jáchym Topol, Magdaléna Platzová, Tomáš Zmeškal, Josef Jedlička, Heda Margolius Kovály, Patrik Ouředník, and Miloslava Holubová. He has also translated stories, plays, young adult and children’s books, essays, subtitles, song lyrics, reportage, and poems. His translations of Petra Hůlová’s Three Plastic Rooms and Jáchym Topol’s The Devil’s Workshop received Writing in Translation awards from English PEN, and he won the ALTA National Translation Award in 2010 for Petra Hůlová’s All This Belongs to Me. In addition to translating, Alex works in editing and communications. He lives in Brooklyn.
  • Translator, French
    Jeffrey Zuckerman is a translator of French and the Digital Coordinator at Music & Literature Magazine. His translations include Ananda Devi’s Eve Out of Her Ruins, the diaries of the Dardenne brothers, and Jean Genet’s The Criminal Child. He has also contributed shorter pieces to FriezeThe New RepublicThe NYRDailyThe Paris Review DailyThe White Review, and VICE. Jeffrey studied English literature and literary translation at Yale University, and has served as a judge for the PEN Translation Prize and the National Translation Award. He is a recipient of a PEN/Heim Translation Fund grant for his ongoing work on the complete stories of Hervé Guibert.
  • Translator, Italian
    Olivia E. Sears is the founder of the Center for the Art of Translation and served as editor of Two Lines for twelve years. She is a translator from Italian.
  • Contributor
    CJ Evans is the author of A Penance (New Issues Press) and The Category of Outcast and received the Amy Lowell Poetry Traveling Scholarship and a Poetry Society of America Chapbook Fellowship.
  • Contributor
    Stephen Sparks is co-owner of Point Reyes Books with his wife, Molly Parent. In addition to serving on the Center's board, he is a board member of Dorothy, a publishing project, and Open Letter Books, and he has served as a juror for various literary prizes and awards, including the National Book Award for Poetry and the Best Translated Book Award.
  • Contributor
    Sarah Coolidge received her BA in comparative literature from Bard College. She enjoys reading books in Spanish and English, and she writes essays on photography and international literature.