Poetry Inside Out

Poetry Inside Out is a collaborative language arts curriculum that celebrates classroom diversity, builds literacy skills, improves critical thinking, and unlocks creativity by teaching students to translate great poetry from around the world. By practicing the art of translation, students become familiar with the building blocks of language and the full range of expression available to them as readers, writers, speakers, thinkers, and world citizens.


Your donation enriches the library of vital literary works, nurtures and promotes the work of translators, builds audiences for literature in translation, and honors the incredible linguistic and cultural diversity of our schools and our world.


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    I don’t conceive of writing as something illustrious but as something clandestine.
    —Fabio Morábito, translated by Curtis Bauer (Read the rest of the Online Exclusive “To Steal”)

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    The president’s budget plan calls for the elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts, a longtime supporter of the Center for the Art of Translation and the field of literary translation—including many of the country’s best translators. It would be a devastating blow to American culture. Please help #SAVEtheNEA!

  • A Space Where Cultures Meet

    High school seniors joined college undergraduates in teaching Poetry Inside Out to students in an after-school club in Worcester, Massachusetts, while conducting their own research. Last month they presented their findings.