Poetry Inside Out

Poetry Inside Out is a collaborative language arts curriculum that celebrates classroom diversity, builds literacy skills, improves critical thinking, and unlocks creativity by teaching students to translate great poetry from around the world. By practicing the art of translation, students become familiar with the building blocks of language and the full range of expression available to them as readers, writers, speakers, thinkers, and world citizens.


Your donation enriches the library of vital literary works, nurtures and promotes the work of translators, builds audiences for literature in translation, and honors the incredible linguistic and cultural diversity of our schools and our world.


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    Welcome to Our New Website!

    We couldn’t be more pleased to welcome you to the new home of the Center for the Art of Translation. Take a look around! There is a great deal to learn and discover.

  • Sung Poetry and the Art of Listening

    Fifth-grade Poetry Inside Out (PIO) students practice their listening skills during a lesson on Vietnamese “sung poetry.”

  • Q&A: Lisa Hayden on the 2016 Russian Book Prizes

    Over the past couple months, I corresponded with Russian translator Lisa Hayden about the recent flurry of Russian literary prizes, her own translation work, and the fate of the Russian “big book.”