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Galina Rymbu

Author, Russian
Galina Rymbu was born in 1990 in the city of Omsk (Siberia, Russia) and currently lives in St. Petersburg. She has published poems in the Russian journals The New Literary Observer, Air, and in the Translit almanac. Her first book, Moving Space of the Revolution, was published in Russian in 2014. Her poetry has also appeared in English translation in The White Review, n+1, Music & Literature, Asymptote, Powder Keg, and Cosmonauts Avenue. She curated “New Poetry in the Literary Institute,” an alternative education project (2012–2013), the All-Russian Week of Youth Poetry in Moscow (2013), the Arkady Dragomoshchenko Prize (2015–present), and the exhibition House of Voices: At the Margins of Language (2014–15), which addresses the death of small languages in Russia. White Bread, a chapbook of English translations of her work, is available from After Hours, Ltd. (Photo credit: Courtesy of the author)