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Itoh Masako

Author, Japanese
Little is known about Itoh Masako, except that she was married briefly to the well-known antiwar poet Ayukawa Nobuo and then died of illness during WWII. She was a member, along with Ayukawa, of the Shin-Ryodo (New Country) group, which remained actively involved in leftist and various social concerns throughout the 1930s, even after the instigation of draconian laws by the Japanese Fascists, keeping tight control over all aspects of public and private life, especially creative expression, including publishing. Itoh is known to have published two books in her lifetime, Shin-Shishū (New Poems) in 1934 and Maya Oyomesan to Inu (Maya the Bride and Her Dog), but no copies of these publications are known to be in existence. Itoh is one of a group of women experimental poets associated with the magazine Madame Blanche, where these poems were originally published.