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John Jensen

John Jensen began his translating career while still in graduate school. Certified by the American Translators Association, his first work of long-form fiction was The Last Songs of Autumn: The Shadowy Story of the Mysterious Count of Lautréamont. He has recently completed another Brazilian novel (Vanishing Point) and a book of memoires of an early companion of the Spiritist Francisco Cândido Xavier (Cisco Cândido Xavier) and a musical play on the life of Saint Francis of Assisi. In addition to translating, he is a conference interpreter (beginning in 1980) and taught translation and interpretation at his university (starting in 1999) and in state-sponsored workshops throughout Florida.  He is married and has four grown children and two grown step-children. He and Sula Godfrey-Jensen (also a translator/interpreter) maintain homes in Miami and in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.