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Latiff Mohidin

Author, Malay
Latiff Mohidin, widely acknowledged as being a formative figure in the creation of a new aesthetic in art and poetry in the Malay language, belonged to a generation of poets—rising in the 1970s—who departed from the strict stance of social realism adopted by preceding Malaysian poets. Having obtained a formal education in fine art in Germany, he returned from Europe imbued with the poetics of Rimbaud, Rilke, Baudelaire, and Verlaine, traveled the Southeast Asian region at the height of the Vietnam War, and produced a series of paintings, Pago-Pago, and a collection of poems Sungai Mekong (Mekong River) that came to serve as hallmarks in the development of abstraction in Malaysian art and introduced a “radical voice” in Malay poetics.