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Lidia Vianu

Translator, Romanian
Lidia Vianu, a poet, novelist, critic, and translator, and is Professor of English at the University of Bucharest, where she is Director of CTITC (Centre for the Translation and Interpretation of the Contemporary Text), which she established. She has been Fulbright lecturer at University of California Berkeley and SUNY Binghamton. Vianu has published literary criticism, including the “Desperado project”: The Desperado Age: British Literature at the Start of the Third Millennium (Bucharest University Press, 2004); Alan Brownjohn and the Desperado Age (Bucharest University Press, 2003); and British Desperadoes at the Turn of the Millennium (ALL Publishing, Bucharest, 1999); two books of interviews; a novel; three poetry collections; English-learning manuals; edited anthologies; and four translated books. (Photo credit: Roanoke Review)
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