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Lu Lun

Author, Chinese
Lu Lun (739–799) was a Chinese poet of the Middle Tang Dynasty, with six of his poems being included in the famous anthology Three Hundred Tang Poems, as well as being mentioned in one poem, by Sikong Shu, which was translated by Witter Bynner as “When Lu Lun My Cousin Comes For The Night.” As a poet, Lu Lun is known for continuing the Frontier fortress genre of Tang poetry (along with Li Yi), begun earlier by the “Borders and Frontier Fortress Poets Group,” in which are included Gao Shi, Cen Can, Wang Changling, Wang Zhihuan, Cui Hao, and Li Qi. Indeed, out of the six lyrics of Lu’s included in the Tang 300, four of them are variations written under the title of “Beyond the Border Tunes.”