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Rafael Alberti

Author, Spanish
Rafael Alberti won Spain’s National Prize for Literature at age twenty-two for Marinero en tierra (Sailor on Land, 1925) and was soon drawn into the circle of poets who came to be known as the Generation of ’27. This group, which included Frederico García Lorca, Pedro Salinas, Jorge Guillén, Luis Cernuda, and Vicente Aleixandre, among others, and who often gathered together in the cafés of Madrid, brought about a literary renaissance there in the late 1920s. Alberti continued to publish and also, like many of the other poets, became politically involved and helped to bring about the birth of the Spanish Republic. When Franco’s fascists rose up against the republic in 1936, beginning in the Spanish Civil War Alberti was very active in the republic’s defense. When Franco ultimately triumphed, Alberti fled. His exile from Spain lasted almost forty years. (Photo credit: image courtesy of Algún día en alguna parte)