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Roberto Ampuero

Author, Spanish
Roberto Ampuero is a Chilean author, columnist, and a university professor. His first novel, ¿Quién mató a Kristián Kustermann?, was published in 1993 and in it he introduced his private eye, Cayetano Brulé, winning the Revista del Libro prize of El Mercurio. Since then the detective has appeared in five novels. In addition he has published an autobiographical novel about his years in Cuba, titled Nuestros Años Verde Olivo (1999), and the novels Los Amantes de Estocolmo (Book of the Year in Chile, 2003, and the bestseller of the year in Chile) and Pasiones Griegas (chosen as the Best Spanish Novel in China, 2006). His novels have been published in Latin America and Spain, and have been translated into German, French, Italian, Chinese, Swedish, Portuguese, Greek, Croatian, and English. (Photo credit: Alchetron)