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Read More Queer Writers, Globally!

As Pride Month nears its end, here are more places where you can find queer literature in translation.

Earlier this month we told you about 7 books in translation you should read for Pride Month. We wanted to follow up that list with some other resources for discovering new voices in queer international literature.

First place to check out if you haven’t is Words Without Borders‘ annual Queer Issue. This year’s issue marked the ninth in the series, which means you have eight back issues of LGBTQ writing to explore. The latest issue includes a story from the first openly gay Iraqi writer, as well as writing from Poland, South Korea, Lebanon, Vietnam, Norway, Thailand, and Cuba.

Next head over to Queen Mob’s Teahouse, where fiction editor and translator Allison Grimaldi-Donahue has assembled two issues on “queer” translation, broadly defined. As she writes in the introduction to the second issue, “Some of the pieces deal explicitly with queer lives, others queer the very idea of writing and translation.” A couple recommendations: “Visiting the Snow Queen” by Sophie Strohmeier, translated from German by Emma Rault; and “The Rain” by Abdellah Taïa, translated from French by Emma Ramadan and Chris Clarke.

In 2017 the Festival Neue Literatur focused on queer contemporary German literature, and Literary Hub introduced us to the participants, six queer writers from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Read about their projects and be sure to click on the links to read translated excerpts of their work!

Where do you find queer literature in translation? Let us know on Twitter at @CATranslation.