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Two Voices Presents: An Introduction to Wioletta Greg

This Thursday, September 21, Wioletta Greg joins us at Green Apple Books on the Park to discuss her debut novel, Swallowing Mercury, translated from Polish by Eliza Marciniak. She’ll be in conversation with Molly Parent.

As we get closer to the conversation, we thought we’d put together a little reading list to better acquaint you with this Polish poet and author.

  • Wioletta Greg was born Wioletta Grzegorzewska and grew up in a small town in Jurassic Highland in Poland.
  • A great review of Swallowing Mercury, including a look at emigration and its effect on Greg’s work.
  • The Guardian gives the novel a rave review.
  • Read about waiting for the Popemobile and a young girl swallowing mercury in this excerpt from the novel.
  • Check out another excerpt from the novel in Granta: “During storms, I used to hide in the hallway and play at being Jonah. The shutters up in the attic would open with a bang. The faded curtain would billow out like the belly of a whale…”
  • Wioletta Greg: “Often, a poem becomes the beginning of a story and the other way around.” Read the full interview.
  • Three poems by Wioletta Greg.
  • Her previous publications in English translation include the poetry collections Smena’s Memory (2011) and Finite Formulae & Theories of Chance (2014).
  • Read Greg’s short story “The Bees,” which begins: “On Sunday right after lunch, my father began preparing muskrat skins and cut his finger on a dirty penknife.”

Happy reading! We’ll see you Thursday. For more details about the event, check out our event listing.