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Women in Translation Month spotlight on Two Lines Press Women Authors (Part 4)

The final entry in our series showcasing the women authors of Two Lines Press for Women in Translation Month. Today’s list features 2020 authors Jazmina Barrera and Ho Sok Fong, rising stars from Mexico and Malaysia. Read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 here!

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photo of Jazmina Barrera with plants

Jazmina Barrera

Barrera is a rising star of Spanish-language letters. Born in Mexico City in 1988, she has published her work in various print and digital media, has a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing in Spanish from New York University, and is editor and co-founder of Ediciones Antílope.

We were thrilled to publish Barrera’s On Lighthouses this spring. Equal parts personal memoir and literary history, the author’s “collection” of lighthouses explores the allure of loneliness and asks how we use it to create meaning. Barrera questions the nature of writing, collecting, and how, by staring so intently at one thing we are only trying to avoid others. The Paris Review noted “This book is a light at the end of the tunnel, showing us places we’ll see and things we’ll do when we can go out again.”

Photo of Ho Sok Fong

Ho Sok Fong

Ho Sok Fong is a Malaysian author who has garnered considerable praise in Taiwan, where her stories have been published, and has been described as “the most accomplished Malaysian writer, full stop.”

Lake Like a Mirror, Ho’s collection of short stories which Two Lines Press published in April 2020, is her first book to be translated into English and won the PEN Translates award.

Lake Like a Mirror offers a portrait of Malaysian society—contradictory, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, with a long and complex history and a contemporary society in constant flux. “While [Ho’s] subject matter mostly revolves around contemporary Malaysia and while she evidently draws on elements of Chinese modernist literature, Ho’s style evokes the work of European modernists, including Franz Kafka and Italo Calvino, two writers she has mentioned as major influences on her work.” —Mekong Review

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