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Two Lines 27
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ISBN: 978-11931883-64-1
Pages: 164
Publication Date: September 12, 2017
Distributed By: Publishers Group West

Two Lines 27

Fall 2017

Quietly, I’m opening my head and driving the world out.

—Kamil Bouška, tr. Ondrej Pazdirek

Two Lines is, as all publishing is—and especially as all international, literary publishing is—a political act. And many of the poems and stories in this issue touch, obliquely, metaphorically, or specifically, on politics from around the world. And that is something we are alway trying to do: widen the political perspective by including views from all over the world in this, whether you like it or not, irreversibly globalizing age.

Sometimes, though, I need to separate, to unfasten from the seemingly endless theory and punditry and fact-molding. Sometimes the only way to look ahead is to see neither the forest nor the trees, but to climb up a hill and try to see what’s behind the boundaries of the whole mess. And this issue of Two Lines has poems and stories that are no less powerful, no less resisting, and no less revealing by being about an affair, like Ji Yoon Lee and Jake Levine’s translation of Kim Min Jeong’s “Red, an Announcement,” or about caterpillars, like in Simon Pare’s translation of Katja Lange-Müller’s “A Precocious Love of Animals.”

Perhaps it’s naive, but I do believe that if I occasionally “open my head and drive the world out,” it might just seep back in a little more humbly and honestly.

—CJ Evans, Editor, Two Lines Press

Table of Contents
Empty Set
Translated from Spanish by Christina MacSweeney
The Resurrection of the Body
Translated from Hungarian by Erika Mihálycsa
Sorrowful Beasts
Translated from Chinese by Jeremy Tiang
The Forest
Translated from Spanish by Robert Rudder
Maimouna's Rose
Translated from Arabic by Marilyn Booth
A Precocious Love of Animals
Translated from German by Simon Pare
100cm Art
Translated from Korean by Matt Reeck & Jeonghyun Mun
Sirens | A Party | Confession
Translated from Czech by Ondrej Pazdirek
"I open the door crying and it falls at my feet : it comes to..." | To. | the smiling white swan on the white beach towel = Scardanelli Version | "then suddenly everything stops the lark daffodil the..."
Translated from German by Jonathan Larson
Machinery | Vita Nuova | Lumps of Coal
Translated from Bulgarian by Dimiter Kenarov
Red, an Announcement | Tits Named Dick | Finale
Translated from Korean by Ji Yoon Lee & Jake Levine
Birth | First Death of Plume | Second Death of Plume
Translated from French by Richard Sieburth
Zigzag Knots
Translated from French by Marilyn Hacker
Secret Agents of Joy | Biodata | Human Mind Going to Any Length to Please His Master, and the First Shoe of Its Kind | Milk Teeth
Translated from Hindi by Anita Gopalan