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ISBN: 1-931883-10-6
ISSN: 1525-5204
Pages: 214
Publication Date: October 1, 2004
Distributed By: Publishers Group West

Two Lines 11: Power

Fall 2004

To stand still means to be calm, to look into the face of the unknown and come to grips with it.


—from “On the Art of Standing Still” by Milena Jesenská, translated from the Czech by Andrée Collier Záleská


Two Lines, Issue 11: Power gathers writing from around the world on the theme of power. Whether it is Cho Se-hui’s story about a hunger strike in a Korean factory (tr. Don Mee Choi) or Milena Jesenská’s essay on what it means to stand still amidst the chaos of occupied Czechoslovakia (tr. Andrée Collier Záleská). Power implodes in Xue Di’s poem of rage (tr. Hil Anderson) and drives desire in Marina Tsvetaeva’s tender love poems (tr. Kristin Becker). Other contributors include Eunice Odio (tr. Keith Ekiss), Romagnolo poet Raffaello Baldini (tr. Adria Bernardi), Sumerian poet Enheduanna (tr. Betty De Shong Meador), and Moroccan author Fouad Laroi (tr. Maureen Lucier), among others.

Table of Contents
We Didn't Know
Translated from Korean by Don Mee Choi
When You Are Truly in Love
Translated from Italian by Chad Davidson & Marella Feltrin-Morris
A Little Bit of Moroccan Soil
Translated from French by Maureen Lucier
Schoolday Memories
Translated from Finnish by Jill Graham Timbers
A Yiddish-Speaking Socialist
Translated from Yiddish by Albert Waldinger
A Hush
Translated from Yiddish by Albert Waldinger
Come Home, Mabel
Translated from Spanish by Donald A. Yates
Roza Moiseievna Remembers the Flood that Wasn't—A Conversation
Translated from Russian by Diana Blank
On the Art of Standing Still
Translated from Czech by Andrée Collier Záleská
Translated from Chinese by Hil Anderson & Forrest Gander
Where does such tenderness come from?... | In order to get to your mouth and your bed... | And in the confinement of wintry rooms...
Translated from Russian by Kristin Becker
Translated from Romagnolo by Adria Bernardi
No Man's Land
Translated from German by Eavan Boland
The Infraction—Fragment 298
Translated from Ancient Greek by Peter Campion
Integration of the Parents
Translated from Spanish by Keith Ekiss & Sonia P. Ticas
Trees | The Flock
Translated from French by Marilyn Hacker
Hymn to the Eshumesha Temple of Ninurta | Hymn to the Eanna Temple of Inanna
Translated from Sumerian by Betty De Shong Meador
New Myths | Protocols of War
Translated from Italian by Anthony Molino
A Better Language | Ambition
Translated from Spanish by Philip Pardi
Microfilm of the Abyss
Translated from Spanish by John Oliver Simon
On the Nature of Things
Translated from Latin by A. E. Stallings
Göztepe Ghazal
Translated from Turkish by Sidney Wade & Yurdanur Salman & Güneli Gün
The Sufi Way
Translated from Turkish by Sidney Wade & Yurdanur Salman & Güneli Gün
Faithful, Belle, and Treu: What Gets Found by Duncan, Beckett, Celan