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ISBN: 978-1-931883-46-7
ISSN: 1525-5204
Pages: 164
Publication Date: September 1, 2015
Distributed By: Publishers Group West

Two Lines 23

Fall 2015

Darkness is the core of every story.
Time and the moment stop there,
there they shiver and shut.


—from “The Verdict” by Pedro Serrano, translated from the Spanish by Katherine Silver


Individual voices sharing their complex lives and minds—what is left behind by talking points and stump speeches—that is literature. In this issue of Two Lines we have a story by Prabda Yoon, translated from Thai by Mui Poopoksakul. According to the database on the University of Rochester’s Three Percent website, in the last eight years there hasn’t been a single literary book translated from Thai. Fifty-six million people speak Thai, and we haven’t heard a single one of them tell a story in eight years. —CJ EVANS

Table of Contents
Translated from Thai by Mui Poopoksakul
Translated from Slovenian by Kelly Lenox & Hana Kovač
No-Tell Motel
Translated from Spanish by Heather Cleary
The Noble Rooster | Fear
Translated from Italian by Marella Feltrin-Morris & Chad Davidson
The Retiree
Translated from Arabic by Mohammed Albakry
The Piper
Translated from Japanese by Margaret Mitsutani
Translated from Latin by Peter Campion
Imitation of Li Po | Steal Fire from the Devil | Ecce Homo
Translated from Spanish by Cole Heinowitz
The Prince of Chu Dreamed of Rain | High Windows | Drunken Song
Translated from Chinese by Fiona Sze-Lorrain
My Sweet Ghazal | If Only | My Garden | Prison
Translated from Persian-Dari by Diana Arterian & Marina Omar
The Foreign Woman
Translated from Romanian by Victor Pambuccian
Wastepaper, Scrap Iron | So Let Us Try Again | What Luck | A Stone from Nowy Swiat
Translated from Polish by Alissa Valles
The Leaves, Second Residence | Annotation | The Verdict
Translated from Spanish by Katherine Silver