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ISBN: 978-1-931883-69-6
ISSN: 1525-5204
Pages: 184
Publication Date: March 14, 2018
Distributed By: Publishers Group West

Two Lines 28

Spring 2018
In this village there’s a cat
who knows the abyss.
—Luz Pichel, tr. Neil Anderson

Last week Spotify sent me a playlist, and I love probably ninety-nine percent of the songs on it. I was also looking for a new kitchen faucet online, and now every ad I see is for a faucet I’d probably buy. But I hate shopping for anything, let alone faucets. And, even though I love each song, the Spotify playlist tailored just for me is a horrible mix that mashes my workout music against music I listen to just before bed.

Not everything in this issue of Two Lines was chosen just for you, but each was chosen lovingly, and I’d suspect some of the things you’ll like best will be surprises, which don’t fit neatly into what you’d be expected to like. Literature is a place where an individual, half a world away, can say something unique to them and you immediately feel it, despite never having thought of it in that way, like the frustration of being a kid in Saskia Vogel’s translation from Johanne Lykke Holm’s The Night before This Day:

It’s a terrible thing to be a child. You stand in line with the animals, the crops, and the machines. You open your mouth and speak. You hear the adults say: Something’s coming out of that child-mouth. Impossible to know what.

Or the loneliness of the angel in “Mirror” by Carsten René Nielsen, translated by David Keplinger: “…an angel, who is giving itself a shave. Even though it has no reflection, it holds up a shaving mirror and lifts up the chin, as it has seen humans do.”

Literature is the wonder that comes from learning that you already know something incredibly personal to someone you’ll never meet, from somewhere you had never considered and no algorithm could have possibly guessed.


Table of Contents
Wanna Be Like Everyone
Translated from Italian by Antony Shugaar
The Story of the Hunter and the Bear #1 | The Story of the Hunter and the Bear #4
Translated from Spanish by Kathleen Heil
The Voice on the Road
Translated from Japanese by Angus Turvill
The Spirit of the Staircase | Memorandum
Translated from Spanish by Will Vanderhyden
Barbara Stanwyck, or An Angel in Dallas
Translated from French by Chris Clarke & Emma Ramadan
My Mother's Dress
Translated from German by Marshall Yarbrough
The Night before This Day
Translated from Swedish by Saskia Vogel
A Piece of Paper
Translated from Polish by Antonia Lloyd-Jones
Almost Yesterday | Cities | Aging
Translated from Albanian by Ani Gjika
Prologue | Midafternoon | Tending the Peppers | What You See When You Look
Translated from Galician by Neil Anderson
Vacuum | Refrigerator | Mirror | Cookbook
Translated from Danish by David Keplinger
From Black and Blue Partition
Translated from French by Patricia Hartland
Parade 11 | Roadblock 11 (Separation) | Parade 12 | Roadblock 12 (Cockscomb Cockscomb) | Parade 13
Translated from Japanese by Eric Selland