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ISBN: 1-931883-07-6
ISSN: 1525-5204
Pages: 254
Publication Date: October 1, 2001
Distributed By: Publishers Group West

Two Lines 8: Cells

Fall 2001

At five, by the radio, we say goodbye—, Okay then,

see you tomorrow—, in the twilight’s bloody breeze…

—from “The Gamble” by Sunil Gangopadhyay, translated from Bengali by Nandini Gupta

Two Lines, Issue 8: Cells features fiction from Inger Christensen (tr. Peter Holm-Jensen), Yoko Tawada (tr. Susan Bernofsky), and Nazli Eray (tr. Ozlem Sensoy), among others. And poetry from Cesare Pavese (tr. Geoffrey Brock), Ko Un (tr. Brother Anthony of Taizé and Young-moo Kim), Louise Ackerman (tr. Norman Shapiro), and Faiz Ahmed Faiz (tr. Hamida Banu, Nasreen G. Chopra, and Zack Rogrow), among others.

Table of Contents
Perpetuum Mobile
Translated from Danish by Peter Holm-Jensen
Translated from French by Robin Orr Bodkin
Hazel and the Captain
Translated from French by Albert LaFarge
Storytellers Without Souls
Translated from German by Susan Bernofsky
Benny Bean Does a Good Dead
Translated from Hebrew by Andrea Németh-Newhauser
Bárcena's Dog
Translated from Spanish by Donald A. Yates
Advice Column
Translated from Japanese by Wayne P. Lammers
The Cellular Engineer
Translated from Turkish by Ozlem Sensoy
The Gamble
Translated from Bengali by Nandini Gupta
Lamentation in Captivity
Translated from French by J. Kates
The Bee
Translated from French by Norman R. Shapiro
Tableau in Homage to Marie de France | With Time Capsule
Translated from Galician by Carys Evans-Corrales
Words from Confinement
Translated from Italian by Geoffrey Brock
Caged Bird
Translated from Italian by David Goldstein
When Did You Become a Hill
Translated from Japanese by Samuel Grolmes & Yumiko Tsumura
A Drunkard
Translated from Korean by Brother Anthony of Taizé & Young-moo Kim
Melior's Parrot Is Dead
Translated from Latin by Betty Rose Nagle
The Prisoner
Translated from Russian by Lydia Razran Stone & Ronald Lightbourne
A Baroque Cell
Translated from Spanish by Mark Schafer
The Wolves Are Howling
Translated from Swedish by Anne Charlotte Harvey
There's No Messiah for a Broken Mirror
Translated from Urdu by Hamida Banu & Nasreen G. Chopra & Zack Rogow
Polyhedrons and Substances
Translated from Spanish by John Oliver Simon
The Women Vacuum...
Translated from Portuguese by Paulo da Costa