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ISBN: 978-1-931883-17-7
ISSN: 1525-5204
Pages: 314
Publication Date: October 1, 2010
Distributed By: Publishers Group West

Two Lines 17: Some Kind of Beautiful Signal

Fall 2010

Gold is only ore beneath russet earth

Unearthed becomes the ornament of a crown

If a scholar doesn’t impart his knowledge

His wisdom, hidden for years, sheds no light.


—from “On Knowledge” by Yusef Hajib Balasaghuni & Ahmad Yuknaki, translated from the Uyghur by Dolkun Kamberi & Jeffrey Yang


Some kind of beautiful signal: that’s what each of these stories sends us. When we read in translation, those signals may come from far away, but they are strong and insistent. —NATASHA WIMMER

The center of poetry in this edition of Two Lines is Uyghurstan (also called Eastern Turkestan), itself the center of Asia, a region that has been politically called Xinjiang (“new territory”) since its forced annexations by Russia and China in the nineteenth century. […] The Uyghurs are an ancient people […and…] the earliest example of writing in any Turkic language—the uniform text telling the story of Turkic reconstruction after many years of Chinese subjugation. […] We hope to share a little of the depth and diversity of Uyghur poetry, writing that is evidence of a vibrant, evolving culture and civilization.   —JEFFREY YANG

Table of Contents
Madame Bovary
Translated from French by Lydia Davis
Why You Ought Not to Subscribe to the Newspaper
Translated from Ukrainian by Jennifer Croft
Birds in the Mouth
Translated from Spanish by Joel Streicker
Turn in the River
Translated from Russian by Henry Whittlesey
Translated from French by Raphael Rubinstein
Translated from Arabic by Elliott Colla
A Thin Line between Love and Hate
Translated from Spanish by Suzanne Jill Levine & Jessica Ernst Powell
Translated from Urdu by Aftab Ahmad & Matt Reeck
Verily He Is Risen
Translated from Russian by Marian Schwartz
Translation Is a Testing Ground
Translated from Spanish by Natasha Wimmer
A Few Notes on Poetry
Translated from Russian by Sarah Valentine
Contract | Whispering Grassfeet | Otherness Touched
Translated from Danish by Susanna Nied
Translated from Chinese by Lucas Klein
Translated from Chinese by Lucas Klein
Morning Star | At the Flea Market
Translated from Indonesian by Eddin Khoo
Tropes | Requiem in Living White
Translated from Spanish by Heather Cleary
Translated from Hindi by Arvind Krishna Mehrotra
Poems of the Deep Night | The Calm Has Brought the Storm
Translated from Malay by Eddin Khoo
History of the Hand | Souvenir | Street
Translated from Japanese by Eric Selland
"Running up minarets..." | "When greed hits you like a wave..."
Translated from Hindi by Arvind Krishna Mehrotra
Requiem Before Winter | O Yes: Light of Kafka
Translated from Russian by Peter France
for daphne: lamented
Translated from German by Kurt Beals
At Shadow Flight
Translated from French by Gabrielle Civil
W. The Death of Idealism
Translated from Chinese by Teng Qian Xi
In prompt
Translated from Spanish by Rick London & Katherine Silver
Translated from Russian by Rebecca Bella
Translated from Portuguese by Sarah Rebecca Kersley
"Fire is reborn on the soil of the earth..." | "Seated in the shadows..."
Translated from Zapotec by Clare Sullivan
Prefaced by Blood
Translated from Persian by Fayre Makeig
Trace | Sell, Betrayers, and Spend | I Am Not a White Flag
Translated from Uyghur by Dolkum Kamberi & Jeffrey Yang
"From the beginning of time, desire and vanity..." | "One who worships Buddha embraces the seven treasures..." | "What knowledge you seek, learn your own way..."
Translated from Uyghur by Dolkum Kamberi & Jeffrey Yang
To Wake Up
Translated from Uyghur by Dolkum Kamberi & Jeffrey Yang
On Guests | On Festivals
Translated from Uyghur by Dolkum Kamberi & Jeffrey Yang
On Knowledge
Translated from Uyghur by Dolkum Kamberi & Jeffrey Yang
Motherland Shines My Heart
Translated from Uyghur by Dolkum Kamberi & Jeffrey Yang